Monday, July 02, 2012

Adin the fighter

Erik now succumbs willingly to sleep, but Adin still fights it hard.  Yesterday, Joe and his mom did a much needed bed switcheroo.  Adin got Erik's twin size, but low to the ground, bed and Erik got a regular twin from the "guest room" (aka, the basement).  At bedtime, Adin spent about 30-45 minutes, wandering out of his bedroom, asking Joe and me to come and lie down next to him and making random comments about life.  Finally he laid down on the carpet in our back room and said, "I can't find my bed." 

Today was so hot we weren't able to do much.  I tried to get them outside a couple times for ten minutes at a time, so they could burn off a little energy without getting heatstroke.  Neither boy could hold up his head during books before bed, but Adin still denied being tired.  Even when he was so close to sleep he could barely talk, he told me he wasn't the least bit tired, and he didn't like bedtime.  Ten seconds later, he was asleep on the rug in his room.

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