Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fun with the kids

The kids and I went strawberry picking yesterday morning while Joe cooked a turkey. Super fun. We went with some neighbors. Erik was a little bothered that he had fewer strawberries in his basket (because he was eating so many). I kept having to tell him it's not a race, he's just eating them, so we can't see that he's picked lots.

We were invited to some friends' for dinner and fireworks. Joe took Adin home at bedtime, but this year Erik got to stay up and watch. Plus, the friends live right off a bike path so he and I biked there! The fireworks started at 10, and for about 45 mins before, he and the other kids were running and asking their parents every 3 minutes or so, "how long until the fireworks start?" He loved the fireworks for the first 15 or 20 minutes. He stood up, and would throw his arms up in the air when he really liked something. The last 10 or 15 minutes he was pretty tired so he sat down and was more relaxed. Afterwards, once the crowd passed us on the bike path home, he thought it was really cool that we were biking in the dark.

The kids and I had some fun with my Dad today. We met up at the Mall of America to go to a petting zoo as part of Toddler Tuesday. Then we walked around the amusement park for a while. A woman offered me a points card (you pay for rides with points) with a few points on it. It was hilarious watching the kids try to decide what ride to go on, or if they even wanted to go on a ride. They were just buzzing around going nowhere fast, from an adult's perspective! Finally they chose a ride and I got to go too, since Adin is too little to ride by himself. It was a mini roller coaster that was perfect for them. Just enough up and down and around to make it fun but not scary. I was pretty excited that they went on the ride, since last year even the little kids' rides were too scary.

Final story, they both often fall asleep in the car as we ride around town. Erik usually falls asleep quicker and wakes up more easily. When Adin wakes up in the car he's very upset, and does not want to leave the car or even be unbuckled. We got home today around dinner time and I really needed Adin to get out of the car. I told him Morfar was coming for dinner and he said some garbled comments about loving Morfar and Mormor, as if he thought it was news to me that he loves Mormor, too! I told him I love them both, too.
Adin: You do? I think Mormor and Morfar are going to have a baby soon.
Me: Really?!?
Adin: I hope it will have lots of milk. (Our neighbor's baby is three months and so we have to remind Adin that he can't share his food with her.)
Me: I'm sure they will give the baby lots of milk. Do you think it will be a boy or girl? Adin: A baby girl.
Me: She will be my little sister!
Adin: You've always wanted a baby sister!
Me: What about you? Have you always wanted a baby sister, too?
Adin: Yes, but my baby sister is gonna be a boy.

I feel I should add in here that there are no plans for Adin and Erik to have a baby sister, neither boy, nor girl!

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