Monday, July 25, 2011

Camp Christmas Tree

Erik had his first day at YMCA daycamp! He got on the bus at 8 am and I picked him up at 5 pm. I think the bus ride is about 45 to 60 minutes and they sing songs while riding. He had good things to say about camp. They shot archery, rode in canoes, and swam. When I picked him up he said he liked it but it was too long. This evening for some reason I asked if anyone cried at camp today. He said he had cried a little at the beginning because he didn't know anyone. But that then the counselors told him their names. I suppose after a long day of activities it's normal to forget that one cried earlier in the day, but it surprised me a little.

Back when I was in grad school, the SLP I did my student teaching under told me that preschoolers are not really able to control the volume of their voices. I see this in Adin. When we are riding in the car and he's talking to me, I have a very hard time hearing and understanding him because his voice volume is so low. And when I ask him to say it again louder he can't or won't. Other times, of course, he has a loud voice. I thought of it tonight when he went to bed. He often yawns very, very loudly as he settles down to sleep. It's funny to me to think about the difference in volume between his yawns and some of his speech!

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