Monday, November 16, 2009

Moving on 'Adin time'

It's fun for Adin and me when Erik is in preschool. Most days we come home and Adin gets to play with whatever toys catch his fancy, without Erik getting upset. Today we came home and parked in front of the house (instead of in the garage). This change in routine seemed to intrigue Adin and he toddled off down the sidewalk. So we had a 20 minute walk down our street. He pointed out cars, doors, and trees. One house had two balloons tied to some plants so we went up and he pointed back and forth to them for a while. That drove the dog who lived there absolutely bonkers so we kept walking. The only hard part was yards with a steep hill in front he wanted to climb and I felt we should probably stay on sidewalks. It was so nice to just follow our whims.

Then we went back to the car and drove to the library for Baby Storytime. I took Erik a lot his first and second years but this was the first time I took Adin. He was mildly frustrated at first going slowly through the books with the group, but there are balls to roll and it's no problem to get up and walk around. Everytime we started a new book, song or fingerplay he came right back and sat down in my lap. It was fun to see him get the routine. A friend from church happened to be there so we got to chat a little after storytime was done.