Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Update

Let's see, what's new with Adin? A little while ago, when I hold him he started turning his head to my face with his mouth open. It seems as though he's trying to give me a slobbery kiss. He also leans in to press his face against mine if I'm holding him.

A month ago he started sitting up. He's pretty steady now, although he does tip over, especially if I have him in a room with a hardwood floor! If I leave the room for a bit, he's getting better at reaching further and further away to grasp things. Once he got from sitting down to all fours! That's really important for his learning to crawl.

He might be starting to wave. If he sees me (or other people, too, I suppose) he'll wave one arm. It seems way to early, but I remember being shocked at how early Erik waved, too. I have no idea when it's normal to start waving, it just feels like something they'd do closer to one year.

Still tons of babbling. Sometimes it sounds like word. The other day he woke up, babbled in his crib awhile and it sounded like he said "awake"! Sometimes he does seem to accidentally imitate a syllable, like saying "ba" or "dada" if I do.

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