Sunday, November 30, 2008

Erik's bedtime

So tonight, Joe got started with Erik on the bedtime routine while I put Adin down to sleep. Then, when Joe was done, I went in and chatted a little with Erik. I left and moments later he said he had to go potty. I took him in the bathroom and became suspicious that he just wanted to play in the sink, but no, he actually had some business to do. While we were waiting, he asked me to draw a picture of him riding in the pink princess car with Kate. (This was a highlight of the most recent trip to Oakes.) He asked me to put in the lawn sign that he and Kate drove over, and Grandpa, who fixed the sign. Erik looked at the drawing for a while, and then asked me to draw the princess on the car. By that time he was done so he brought the picture to bed with him and promptly fell asleep.

Erik is learning the facts of life - Joe read Erik some nursery rhymes and had to say that cats sometimes eat mice. It was hard for Erik to believe this could be true. Later, when I was in the room with Erik he explained it all to me. "Cats eat mice but mice don't eat cats. They don't have very much teeth. Just two teeth like my brother."

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