Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Updates

So tonight Erik set up his own drum kit in the basement. He took a saucepan and lid and an empty popcorn tin and lid, arrayed them pretty much as a drum kit - the lids were the cymbals, of course. I came downstairs and he was playing his drums with wooden chopsticks, singing, "I wonder where the yellow went when I brushed my teeth with Pepsodent." Then, "I wonder where the green went when I brushed my teeth with Pepsodent."

He's been using the potty about 75% of awake time for the last week and a half. He has an accident every day or so. He had one yesterday. I smelled something, asked if he had to go, he said no, I gave him a two minute warning and checked Adin's diaper. He was stinky so I changed him then took Erik to the bathroom. As I was undressing him he told me to cover my eyes, so I was suspicious. As I cleaned him up I said I thought he needed a bath and he had a small freak out. But once in the bath he had fun. After the bath he commented on how fun it was, and not that bad. This morning he had a bit of a nightmare, however, thinking he'd had an accident and would need a bath. So I guess I am accidentally using aversion to toilet train him. I'm not really sure where to go from here. Just keep on reminding him to use the potty? Wait and see if he'll just tell me on his own? I'm eager for advice from potty training veterans. I just never imagined this first phase would go so smoothly and quickly.


Beth said...

Well I somehow managed to get one potty-trained (or at least, managed to not interfere too significantly), but based on the utter lack of success or even progress with the second, I don't think I'm qualified to advise anyone on this topic. Erik seems like quite a bright guy to me - maybe if you presented it like a problem for him to solve, "Seems like there's poop all over, how do you think we should take care of it? Some options I see are ... " and then make taking a bath seem like the most fun option. (I could wipe you with the wipes we used when you were wearing diapers or you could take a bath with your toys)

What do you know about cranial-sacral therapy??

Beth said...

I re-read your post ... I really didn't like reminding Sam to use the bathroom ... and I have some friends who have to do that STILL with their 5-year olds (ugh). I also didn't want it to turn into a battle of wills, and with Sam's personality, that was likely. So yeah, we had lots of accidents - but as Sam got more experienced with using the toilet (and he was closer to 4 when he finally got interested and learned), I just made the 'accidents' his area of responsibility. He knew to get a towel and clean it up (I had to do more cleaning later of course, but he didn't know that). He didn't like doing that, so he figured out how to get to the bathroom in time. Don't know if that's helpful or not ...