Sunday, October 12, 2008

baby steps

No, not baby Adin. Erik has expressed an interest in not wearing diapers anymore. He wants to wear underwear and sit on the potty. He decided this, well, he announced it right before dinner. He used the potty successfully twice and no accidents, this evening. We have a chart up by his bed. He gets to make a marker stamp when he sits on the potty, put a sticker on if he's "successful" and once he's successful for a week he gets an umbrella. I think the umbrella is what led to his decision. It's quite possible that he will change his mind after a day, but it's exciting to see him motivated and proud.

Baby Adin is getting closer to sitting up. He now needs minimal support from us. Joe finds Adin is most successful when he has one hand on the floor to add stability. He started on rice cereal this week and seems to be a big fan. He isn't quite six months, but I went ahead with it because he's so close and he is so interested in our food. He really watches us eating and often will reach out and try to get some for himself.

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