Thursday, April 03, 2008

"Help! Fire!"

Erik watched a video in which Elmo visits a fire station. Then on Saturday, Joe and Erik visited a transportation museum and got to ride on a fire truck. Today, Erik brought me a book about Sally the Sea Ferry, in which she uses the water from her wake to put out a fire on a fishing boat. Afterwards he talked about the book and started yelling, "Help Sally! Fire!". We pretended to spray water. Then he said, "help mama. Fire in my house." so I pretended to spray water in his little play house. He was sitting in front of it and seemed to realize what would have happened had I really been spraying because he said, "mama, I'm wet! I need a towel, I'm wet"! So I gave him a towel and he pretended to dry off. He did the same thing later, pretending that his crib was on fire, then requested a towel to dry it off.

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