Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Erik Endorses Al Franken

St Louis Park, MN --

Early Tuesday evening, Erik Lindell endorsed Al Franken in his run for the Democratic endorsement in Minnesota's US Senate race.

In related news, our precinct went Obama over Clinton 2:1, which seems to be consistent with the rest of MN. Also, on my way out of the bldg, I saw Congressman Ellison and shook his hand.

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Beth said...

Wow ... Al Franken. Is this who you guys hang with these days?? I'm not sure I'll be going with Erik's endorsement, but we'll see what happens when Wisconsin's primary finally rolls around.

Thanks for the congrats on the pregnancy. I did try to drop a few very mild hints into my postings, but I figured they were SO mild that no one would pick up on them -- only another pregnant lady could have done so. Hope you're feeling well!