Sunday, January 06, 2008


Last week Joe picked up a can of Minestrone soup at Trader Joe's. He heated it up for lunch today and much to my delight, Erik loved it! He kept asking for more peas and beans (green and kidney). So I thought maybe I should look up a recipe, figuring it would have a lower sodium content. The TJ soup had about 800mg per serving, the recipe in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook had 1100 mg per serving! So I went online and did a google search for low sodium Minestrone. I found some recipes but I also read that Progresso and Amy's brands have canned soup that has half or less than TJs. Lucky Erik gets more beans!

Also, Joe suggested that I could make the BH&G recipe with low sodium beef broth. We suspect that's the source of the high sodium. The recipe calls for three cans.


Karen said...

My sister gave me a great minestrone recipe that uses low sodium chicken broth and chick peas instead of kidney beans. Here's a tip: check the bean cans because sodium content can vary a LOT on those. I would suggest soaking and cooking your own beans, but...who are we kidding?

Gayle said...

Karen's ideas re: the beans and chicken broth are great. I've also heard that you can rinse the canned beans and get some of the sodium off.
Maybe she would share her recipe with us. Erik--hope you don't mind that we are using your blog for a recipe exchange.