Thursday, January 03, 2008


Well, our internet connection isn't letting me post pictures from Christmas so I thought I'd let you know some of the cute things Erik is saying now. Let's see...

I often ask him "Can Mama help you?" so he's started asking for help by saying "mama help you". However, he can't really pronounce the words so it ends up sounding like "mama hype yew". Very cute.

We were driving home and he wanted to kick off his boots. I thought I'd talked him into keeping them on but when we got home I turned around and saw he had bare feet! I said, "Erik, you don't have any shoes or socks!" and he laughed and said "Goofball!" Sometimes Joe & I call him a goofball when he's being silly.

I love that lately when he wakes up from naps, the way I know he's awake is because I hear him laughing. I peek in the room and ask who the gigglepuss is. That just makes him laugh more. So sometimes he now will laugh and say "Erik gigglepuss".

Frequently during the day, but especially if he sees writing somewhere he'll say, "E-R-K spells Erik".

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