Saturday, March 03, 2007


Erik is doing lots of fun things now. Yesterday, Joe saw him take a step. He lacks confidence, so he is more likely to go back down onto his knees than try to walk. It's fun to stand in front of him and coax him. He's so happy and proud of himself.

For a couple weeks now, he's been saying "ba" for ball and balloon pretty consistently. He'll look at his Valentine balloon and reach for it and say "ba". At the end of the video you'll see the new way he has of getting a cup of water.

He's been feeding himself dry things like Cheerios and rice cake, but today he fed himself bits of banana and melon.

I can tell him to find something that we've played with, but not that often and he'll go get it. I brought home a new train on Tuesday and by Thursday he could identify it. Last week I got out his yellow bear, Mr. Beeps, and today when I asked him where Mr. Beeps was he went straight to it.

A couple weeks ago he started laying his head down on pillows. Now he does this with Mr. Beeps and with Joe and me, too. It's so sweet and endearing. I've tried to get pictures but he lifts his head up to see the camera. He'll raise one arm after I say "So big". We're still working on using both arms.

Today we played peek a boo with a ball. I covered it with his lovey and he pulled it off. Then he covered it and pulled it off. I think that was the first time I've seen him cover the thing we're hiding.

His sleep has been a mess the last couple weeks. A week and a half ago he got sick (Remember the video I linked to of the Mentos and the Coke? He was a lot like that.) We were concerned he was becoming dehydrated so the first couple nights I nursed him when he woke up at night, just to get more fluids in him. Well, now that he's better he's still screaming like a maniac at all hours of the night. I'm starting to wonder if his first year molars are bothering him. We gave him some pain reliever tonight and we'll see if that helps.

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