Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Eleven Months

On the way home from North Dakota this weekend giving Brown Bear a hug

and playing So Big

One night this week, Joe and I were getting Erik ready for bed. He had his yellow bear, Mr. Beeps. Joe and I each kissed Erik good night, then Erik held up Mr. Beeps and we kissed him. Then Erik made Mr. Beeps kiss Erik! So cute!

I joined the YMCA last month and have been going evenings and weekends. I always peek into the childcare room to see how busy it is. They advised me on the best time of day to bring Erik, when it would be pretty quiet. Erik's been a little stranger shy lately, he takes a while to warm up to men especially, even his grampas! So I was pretty nervous about bringing him. I bit the bullet and brought him in this week. I set him down in the play area and stood in the adjacent lobby to fill out the proper forms. He didn't cry. I left to change into my workout clothes and came back to peek on him. He wasn't crying. I exercised for a half hour and peeked in again. Still no tears. I changed back into street clothes and picked him up. The day care lady said he had played the whole time and had lots of fun. I was so proud of Erik. He didn't even punish me for leaving him. It was so great. And there were hardly any kids there.

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