Friday, January 26, 2007

Just dreamy

So for the last three nights, Erik has been sleeping through the night! And not the six hour definition of the sleep books, but from 7 pm to 7 am. This means I am experiencing something I haven't experienced in months...dreams! I am dreaming again. I guess when you wake up a lot, you never get into a deep enough sleep state to dream.

Erik and I had a very fun morning. First he slept in until 8. I fed him and drove with Kevin & his mom to a local mall that has a fun play center for kids. Kevin & Erik are just a bit young for it, we had to tail them to make sure they didn't get hurt. Then they sat in the mechanical vehicles and pushed buttons and turned the wheels. Joe pointed out I should have brought my camera so I could have posted a picture of them. I agree. Then we had lunch at Davanni's. Yummy calzones. Erik and Kevin were very well behaved and so Tara & I had a nice relaxing lunch. Since Erik missed his AM nap he's had a marathon PM nap. What a great day!

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