Saturday, January 20, 2007

Erik - the week in review

Last weekend Erik had a brand new experience. His grampa and gramma came and stay with him for three days while mama and papa went to New York City. The reports from Gramma and Grampa were universally favorable. He did a lot of playing and touching things. Also some sleeping. Mama and papa were happy and relaxed after a weekend of remember what it was like when they were DINKs. [This doesn't fall directly under the category of Erik's World, but just to give a little more info on our weekend, we saw the musicals Rent and The Drowsy Chaperone. We had delicious meals at Utsav and Le Pain Quotidien (the latter was the site of a Newsweek interview with Jerry Seinfeld recently). We also took in some public ice skating, public art and spent time in Brooklyn with Susan. A wonderful and fun weekend all around.]

We came back late Sunday, Erik's grandparents drove home Monday and Tuesday Erik broke out in hives! We called the nurseline, but since we were going in Wednesday morning they said to just wait. The doctor diagnosed the hives and gave him some Benedryl, which made the hives fade quite a bit. She said they were probably not caused by anything like a food or a chemical allergy. They were probably caused by a cold virus. So we did not go over to Brooke's house for lunch, but took it easy at home. By Thursday, the hives were much better and we did go to ECFE.

Today Erik's friend Soren came to play. Soren is about two weeks younger than Erik. They are both very proficient in the sound "aaaahh". They enjoyed the same toys, usually at the same time. They both loved chewing on toys the best.

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