Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Li'l Debaters

The kids were arguing about something dumb at dinner tonight and Joe commented that they can argue about anything.  He meant they can find a way to argue about unimportant things but it reminded me of a friend who said she makes her kids debate issues when they start arguing.  So we made them debate why one might support either of the two Democratic Presidential candidates.  It was quite funny because they have heard of the candidates, and Adin at least has a preference but not for any reason. So he said, "I support Hilary Clinton".  I asked why.  He said he thought she was a good candidate.  I asked why.  He didn't know.  I asked if he liked her foreign policy positions, her domestic policy positions, or if he was impressed by her experience.  He asked what foreign policy was.  Joe explained.  Erik then said he supported Bernie Sanders because his grandparents live in St. Louis Park.  I said, they must be well into their 100s.  He said, maybe because Bernie Sanders was from St. Louis Park.  I told him, just because Bernie Sanders is Jewish, doesn't mean he's from St. Louis Park.  So.  Nothing accomplished except we effectively distracted them from fighting over sausage or whatever it was. 

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