Monday, January 05, 2015

Humble Bragging

Every year the kids' behavior goes downhill in December.  I would have thought threatening them with Santa watching would make kids behave better, but with mine they act worse.  However, each year, as they get older, this is a slightly milder downturn.  This year I didn't really notice it until the week or two before Christmas. 

The past week, the kids and I were home from school on winter break.  There were certainly times when they struggled, but mostly, they were great.  Bizarrely great.  One day, I was doing laundry and the kids were arguing over who got to fold the laundry.  As in, they wanted to do it.  They have emptied the dishwasher without me asking.  When I told him Grandpa was coming over to watch them for a few hours, Adin said, "Should we have a five minute cleaning blitz?"  This morning it was so cold I decided to drive them to school instead of having them take the bus.  That gave us an extra 20-30 minutes at home together.  The last 5-10 we cuddled on the couch.  We had watched an Elmo Christmas show where Anne Hathaway sings, "I want a snuffleupagus for Christmas." While snuggling, Erik said, "I want a snuggle-up-like-this for Christmas" and said how much he loved both me and Adin.

I sure hope this strange and wonderful behavior continues!

Here's a picture of the science project Erik did over winter break.  It was fun, and delicious!

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