Monday, December 08, 2014


When the kids were little, I looked forward to when they would be able to read so that they could read me recipes.  Today I was making lasagna and Erik asked if he could help.  While I browned the meat, he started the layers.  He was pretty grossed out by the cottage cheese (I don't blame him) so I had to do that part.  When he had to do a layer of meat or cheese and wanted me to tell him how much was half, I told him that I think it's more important that there was some meat and cheese in each bite than that it was evenly divided in half.  Erik wanted to help shred the Parmesan, so Adin did the last layer of noodles and sauce.  Erik read the final instructions and told me to put on 8oz of Parmesan.  Whew.  Our hands got tired shredding that much cheese!  I regretted not using the food processor.  After I'd done about half the brick of cheese I double checked the recipe.  Oops, we only needed half a cup!  I guess having the kids help has it's benefits and drawbacks. 

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