Monday, August 11, 2014

Big day at the nature center

The Friends of the Arts in St. Louis Park sponsored a six week drawing class this summer.  Last week I went alone, but this week Erik and Adin came with me.  We gather around a table outside the Westwood Nature Center and the instructor shows us some of her sketches and other work.  She gives us advice and an assignment and then we find a place to draw. 

The kids brought books to read and their own paper for drawing.  Adin read about World War II and then drew some battleships and airplanes.  Erik read for a while on his own and then joined us.  By that point, the kids were starting to get rambunctious and I didn't want to disturb the artists, so we left the more populated area and went up the hill to where there are bird and squirrel feeders. 

 As soon as we entered that area, three adolescent turkeys joined us!

 They walked around, not particularly bothered by our presence.  They just stayed a couple minutes, left, walked around on the path, into the woods, and came back again.  After they left the first time, Erik was excited to find a large tail feather on the ground.  Adin looked and found a softer feather.  We enjoyed looking at these. 

When it was time to join the group back at the table, we decided to bring the feathers with us.  At the table, the artists show their work, if they like.  I do not show mine, because many of them are professionals.  Erik however, was excited by this and showed a Lego Star Wars man he had drawn.  He was very proud when they passed around his notebook just like the other artists.  There was an eight year old girl who had brought some paints and she showed the nature scenes she had painted.  Now Erik is very excited to come back next week and show off more drawings!

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