Monday, December 10, 2012

I'm not superstitious.

I feel like lately everything the boys say and do needs fixing or correcting.  Maybe because a couple weeks ago Erik had strep throat and last week Adin had a cold that gave him a fever for a couple days and then developed into an ear infection that continued the fever.  We probably all had cabin fever from being cooped up so much.

However, I read two things yesterday that helped me turn around my response to their behavior.  One was an interview in the Star Tribune with a 102 year old woman (the age my Bestemor was when she died in August) who advised patience and not getting worked up about things.  The other thing was reading "Christmas in Noisy Village" by Astrid Lindgren.  It's a book I've read since I was a child and in it there are three houses of children getting ready for Christmas.  What struck me last night is that in the house with two brothers, the older one says some mildly sassy or rude things to his little brother and it's not a big deal. 

So because of those two things, I resolved to relax a bit and not worry about things if no one is getting hurt or being incredibly disrespectful.  Coincidentally or as a result, today has been great.  The boys have been playing together beautifully, imagining and creating together.  It certainly makes it easier to maintain my resolution. 

Yesterday was pretty fun, too.  It snowed all day.  We went to the park and made two snow forts and then had a snowball fight.  Adin and I made a snowman that we decided is his snow brother.  So far it only has eyes and a nose, so we can look forward to adding on to it.  We're pretty excited to have snow this year after last year's pathetic showing. 

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mormor + morfar said...

Hurra, hurra--stick with it and
you will be a much happier,
relaxed mom. They are boys,
after all. And we love them
just the way they are.