Tuesday, September 04, 2012

First day

Today was Erik's first day of first grade.  He has about 5 or 6 kids from his Kindergarten class in his 1st grade class.  He seemed a little ambivalent about the day.  It was fine, but 'long and boring'.  There's so much time spent covering Policies and Procedures at the beginning of the year.  But he didn't cry, so that's an improvement over last year.

 Showing off his toothless grin.

Running after the bus that turned out not to be his!

Ok, this driver looks familiar.

Feeling pretty super about the first day in a new daycare room.
Adin had his first day in a new daycare.  It's the same system as the one he was in last year, but at a different location, my building!  So now Erik, Adin and I have the same lunch menu!  He was pretty anxious about it, but he talked and talked about his day when he got home.  He made a friend, but has no idea what his name is.  They spent nap time making funny motions at each other from their cots.  Adin said, "Ugh.  I have too much to tell you about my day!"  Reminds me of what my mom said about when my brother and I went to school.  Jon would come home and give the short replies to her questions.  I would walk in the door and start talking about my day.  So anyway, judging by the first day, I'd say Adin likes his new daycare!

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