Monday, June 18, 2012

It's out!

Erik's been wiggling and wiggling his bottom front teeth for a couple weeks now.  Last week I was a little concerned because he said it hurt and I didn't remember losing teeth hurting.  I was afraid that he had a loose tooth and a cavity.  It turned out his permanent teeth were erupting.  Today, just as we stepped into the building for Vacation Bible School, out popped his tooth!  He didn't have much time to process losing the tooth, since we were swept up in finalizing registration and finding the correct group for him.  He did have time to tell me the space where the tooth had been felt weird.  I told him I remember that slimy feeling of my gums.  Now the tooth fairy has to find her stash of silver dollars...

1 comment:

G. Renee' said...

When my baby teeth would
fall out, I had to stand
in a corner and say "hocus
pocus, abacadrabra"!
I think I got 10 cents.