Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sunday Fun

Last night Lois took Erik to see the play "Giggle Giggle Quack".  He loved it and thought it was very silly and fun.  She had a ticket for Adin, too, but he just didn't want to go, for some reason.  This was a bit of a problem because Joe and I had orchestra tickets.  Fortunately, our friends Alley (from the blog That's Alley's World) and Claire (from Claire Bear) wanted a play date, so he visited them for a while.  They had so much fun together, they wanted to play more today, so the dads and kids played at a park while the moms worked on our shared garden.  The kids had tons of fun and got absolutely filthy so they all needed baths before dinner. 

The boys were all wiped out at bedtime, but they stayed awake for books.  Adin wanted me to read him a book about the Super Friends fighting dinosaurs, but I kept saying no,  I wanted to read a different one.  Finally, I gave in and read every other word.  Adin found this absolutely hilarious and all his giggles drew Erik from his room to see what he was missing. 

Erik is not as interested in that type of silliness, so the disjointed story irritated him.  We worked out a deal where he read the words I skipped.  It was very fun for me, because usually he is reluctant to read for me.  He really surprised himself, and was quite proud.  I sent Erik to bed, tucked in Adin and went to check on Erik.  When I walked in, he said, "I bet you are going to say my eyes are very sleepy."  I said, "Yes, you look like you are mostly asleep already."  He said, "I am about...80% asleep.   Maybe 90%."  That cracked me up.  I went back to check on Adin and he was also about 90% asleep.  They were both sound asleep within seven minutes of being tucked in.  Lovely.

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