Thursday, February 23, 2012

Water fight

Tonight, when I sent Erik to change into his pjs, he came out naked, except with a pajama shirt tied around his waist. He had the shirt part hanging in the front so that his buns were exposed. He found it very funny, and was running around for a few minutes. I went in the bathroom to supervise tooth brushing. We have a water bottle on the vanity for rinsing after brushing, and I knew there was water in it. Suddenly, it just came over me to squirt Erik's behind with the water, just as he was spitting out his toothpaste. Fortunately for me, he found it utterly hilarious. He screamed with laughter. So we had a little water fight. I stayed in the bathroom and he went in the hallway. He would dash past the open door and I tried to squirt him with water. Not the best activity for just before bed, but sometimes it's so fun to hear him laugh! I wiped the water off the floor afterward, of course. I figure it's almost like I washed the floor!

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Joe Lindell said...

You didn't mention that he calls his pajamas (tied that way) his Omni-Hero Karate belt. That adds to the hilarity.