Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Hanukkah!

Adin's preschool/daycare is learning about different December holidays. Today they talked about Hanukkah and made latkes. Adin wanted to know more, so I went to Shalom Sesame and we watched a couple videos. First, we learned about the first Chanukah with Veronica Monica, then we learned about fixing the temple on Extreme Makeover: Temple Edition. I followed some links to a recipe for oven baked latkes, and we are now at the flipping part of the recipe. I'm sure Adin regrets ever asking, but I'm excited about giving them a try.

Oops, I guess flipping latkes is easier when you remember to oil the pan.

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Karen said...

Liam's school did a week on Hanukkah, and he got really into it. He wanted a menorah, and then he said we need to get a lot of gelt so he can play dreidl. They are doing Christmas this week, and I'm really curious to know what they will say about Jesus, in a public school.