Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cleaning Blitz

So often things happen I want to post, but then don't get around to it. While Joe is reading a story about the first Thanksgiving I'll write something up quick. We just had a five minute family cleaning blitz! We all put things away and swept. After five minutes Adin was done, partially because it's bedtime, but Erik was going gangbusters and wanted to keep helping. He found another place to sweep (by the back door) and then helped pick things up off the carpet so I could vacuum. It looks sooo much better! Dare I hope we could make it a family tradition to clean for 5-15 minutes each evening? Perhaps I could motivate them extrinsically with a weekly reward. Hmmm.

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Beth said...

Yes! Motivate extrinsically! Fooey to Alfie Kohn.

Also, my boys love Clue, we just played it the other day and Robbie played independently for the first time. Well, independently, if you count him running in to the kitchen where Mat was doing the dishes, so he could get help with words and guesses. :)

And finally, thanks for your good words on my blog. They are helpful, truly. :)