Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Another step

When I picked up the kids from daycare, Erik told me he learned how to read a new word, map. How do you spell it, I asked. M-A-P At home, he got out a crayon while I was making dinner and wrote out the word, then asked me if I could read it. I could! Knowing that he can write many letters, I showed him that now he can write M-A-P he could really write lots more words. We got through cap,lap, and nap before he lost interest. He wanted to write wagon. The G gave him trouble (kept writing e) and he got frustrated and wanted to stop.

Later on, Erik and Joe were talking about writing a play. Bert and Ernie could discuss what they would be for Halloween. Ernie would be a fire fighter. Someone suggested that Bert could be a police officer and I pointed out to Erik now that he could write C-A-P he could also write C-O-P.

These times when the kids are on the cusp of new developments are so exciting. They have so much potential!

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