Thursday, August 05, 2010

National Night Out

I organized a block party for National Night Out on Tuesday. It was really fun! Erik asked if we could have one every night and then yesterday he asked me about 20 times how long it was until we were having another block party! It was really fun to watch the kids. My boys love playing with our neighbor boys, so that was no surprise. Erik really, really wanted to invite Gavin to come play in our house, and I finally gave in. I don't mind having Gavin in there, I just hadn't cleaned at all! We've seen another 4 year old around but she doesn't play outside much so the party was our first chance to get to know her. Adin really took to her and they played together all up and down the block. Including making a run for the other side of the cones blocking off our street. Yikes. Erik made an attempt to get to know her. He walked up to her and said (very fast) "I'm Erik. What's your name?" and then ran away before she could say anything. Hilarious.

There are two houses of kids across the alley from us. They ate at their own block party, but then joined up with Gavin and Jackson and ran/biked back and forth several times. I had a similar sort of feel to my block growing up, so I really hope those families stay. I love seeing the roaming pack of kids.

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