Saturday, January 03, 2009

Erik amazes me

Erik woke up with a cold yesterday that steadily got worse. Today when he woke up he was pretty much clobbered. He didn't have much energy or appetite, so we read books and watched TV. After his nap, his temperature was up a little so Joe gave him some Tylenol. He perked right up and was lots of fun this evening.

We watched a "Wallace and Grommit" movie downstairs and towards the end (during the thrilling conclusion)he went upstairs. I wasn't really listening, but I thought he said he was going up for a minute and would be back down. When the movie ended he wasn't back so I went up. I heard a clatter as I came up the stairs and I was a little concerned. I found him in the bathroom. He'd pulled down his own pants and underwear, moved the footstool over to the toilet so he could climb up, got his potty insert and put it on the potty, climbed up, did what he needed to do, climbed down and tried to hang up the potty insert (the clatter was it falling into the tub). I was astounded. That is a lot of steps for such a little guy to take care of. I'm so proud of him!

I know there was something else I was going to tell you, something he said. Oh well. If I remember I'll post again.

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Beth said...

Paragraph 1 response: I hope he feels better soon!
Paragraph 2 response: I am jealous. Very jealous. My similar-aged son displays little to interest in using the toilet.
Paragraph 3 response: I can relate!