Monday, July 16, 2007

A Little Bit of Norway

We'll have more pictures to put on another time. Here are Joe and Erik in front of the King's Palace in Oslo. Erik has a handful of gravel in his hand. After this picture I told Joe to take out Erik's nuk for the picture since we think he looks cuter without it in his mouth. Erik took advantage of this by putting the gravel in his mouth. He didn't really care for that and ended up spitting up a little bit. Maybe not our best parenting moment.

We went down to the area behind Raadhuset, where there is a big open area for Erik to run around. There are also three fountains which he was drawn to like a toddler to danger. Despite the fact that for two weeks he screams when we try to put him in the bath, he would have climbed right into the fountain if I hadn't held onto him every moment. He had a great time and also enjoyed looking at enormous photos of animals that were just behind us in this picture.

We had a lovely time in Norway and Erik really enjoyed playing with all his relatives.

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