Friday, June 15, 2007

Erik discovers mud!

The neighbor boys came over this morning to help me water the flowers. As I was showing them how to work the nozzle, Erik found that dirt + water = mud! First he was just squishing it with his hands. Then, while I was monitoring the watering he tried eating some. Despite not liking it, he kept trying. If only he had been that experimental with green beans!

Erik began saying, "mama" a couple weeks ago. Love that. Last weekend he started to nod, just a tiny nod. Yesterday I think I saw him shake his head. He's been saying, "yeah" for months, but we have yet to get a "no" out of him. It would be fine with me if he shook his head instead!


Riddle said...

YEAH! Did he find any worms?

Anne said...

So far, no worms. We have seen some ants, though.